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Discover The Hague & Scheveningen with Elswhere Tours

The Hague has it all: shopping, beach, museums, parks and nightlife. Oh, and a rich history!

Guided Tours are in English, German or Dutch and are all about enjoying The Hague/Scheveningen and learning about life in the Netherlands. You can choose from a Free Walking Tour in The Hague Center, a The Hague Highlights Tour or a Custom Tour in Scheveningen. Scroll down for the list of tours.

Free Walking Tour

The Free Walking Tour is a fun introduction to The Hague and combines practical information with fun! Discover the city through the eyes of a passionate local! Learn about The Hague's rich history with lively stories, fun facts and things you will definitely remember! At the same time, get to know the favorite places to eat and tips for exploring the city. Sharing knowledge and love for the city of peace and justice is the best thing that can happen to you in The Hague!

Thursday - Sunday, 10:30 a.m. & 2:00 p.m.
2.15 hours
The guided tour is in English (the guide also speaks Dutch)
You pay what it's worth to you! (Tip based) 

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The Hague Highlights Tour

The Hague Highlights Tour is a must for getting around the city. Learn about the history and the latest information about our city. Relive the times of kings and queens of yesteryear while finding out the best place to eat tonight.

By appointment
2 hours
€16,50 per person (minimum 6 persons or equivalent cost)
Guided tour in English, Dutch or German.

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Custom tour in Scheveningen

Experience Scheveningen through the eyes of a local and discover a completely different side of this seaside resort. Explore the Kurhaus, the Almshouses, the Keizerstraat, the Harbor, the view of the bunkers, the pier and of course the beach!

Learn how to pronounce "Sche-ve-ningen" and immerse yourself in beach life as you learn where the waves go up and where the locals go. Learn about life in the old village as we show you the lesser-visited side of The Hague, and walk past the lighthouse on your way to the harbor. Scheveningen was once the place where artists, kings and the rich and famous stayed.

What is the significance of the dunes to the Netherlands and what is this Dutch grass that we all love so much? Maybe enjoy some raw herring along the way or learn which restaurant has the most delicious seafood!

There's more to this fishing village than meets the eye: It is the birthplace of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Join and enjoy!

By appointment
Price on request
The guided tour is in English, German or Dutch

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