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N.B. Make sure to:
1. Close your bike when leaving it unattended
2. End your ride in the app when your ride is finished


Smart Lock

MyHotelBike Smart Lock enables you to lock and unlock your bicycle without the use of a physical key.

By downloading and using the MyHotelBike Smart Lock app you agree to MyHotelBike's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

How it works

The MyHotelBike Smart Lock app works as follows:

1. Connect

Activate "Bluetooth" and "Location" on your phone

2. Get the app

For iPhone:

App Store

For Android:

Google Play

3. Create your account

Fill in your details
Click on "Create account"
Verify your email address

4. Start your ride

Select the location pin of your hotel
Click on "Select a bike"
Make a payment of €0,10 to authorize your bank account
Fill in a bike ID number
Click on "Unlock & Start ride"

5. Pause your ride

Click on "Lock & Pause Ride" and make sure that the lock is closed afterwards

6. End your ride

Cycle back to your hotel
Click on "Lock & End ride" and make sure that the lock is closed afterwards


Do you encounter any issues along the way? Below you'll find some possible solutions:

Turn "Bluetooth" off and on
Turn "Location" off and on
Restart the app
Restart your phone
Close the app, open Google Maps, open the app

If none of the above solutions solves the issue, please contact MyHotelBike for assistance:
+31 85 065 3421